Making Money with your greatest skill: Watching Porn!

Ok, maybe that’s a bit overdoing it. There is some serious work involved – and some serious money. What you need to understand: Nothing is free and you need to get your act together to make it in this world. But enough pep-talk. I don’t want to sell you anything, so I don’t need to convince you. Even so, I will make money – but only if you do so! And the magic word on why this is possible: Affiliate Marketing!

The magic word that’ll make you rich: Affiliate Marketing!

You will make money the same way I do. Through Affiliate Marketing. The Adult Industry is huge! And with Virtual Reality porn being the new up and comer, you came to the right place: People are finally paying for porn, again! Let us go through detail how easy it is to make money through selling a product (Affiliate Marketing):

The Easy Steps to Making Money with Porn:
  1. You first register on all the good affiliate programs listed above.
  2. You’ll get a link to the paysites where the product is sold.
  3. You get people to click on this link through various ways.
  4. You get 65% (!!!) of the price of the product you sold.
  5. But not only that – those are subscriptions: You’ll get money as long as the sub is open.

Sounds too easy to be true? Well, the 3. step is the difficult one: How to do it? How to get people to click and then even to buy a subscription? And that also is the fun part: There are so many different ways!

You can create a Website. You can go for Social Media with a Facebook-, Twitter-, Pinterest-, Tumblr or Whatever-Page. You can do some E-Mail Marketing. You can even just add people on Steam and spam them (don’t do that, that’s annoying). Whatever works for you. You are your own boss.

Let’s go through the Registration Step-by-Step

The very first thing you have to do is to register for all the various programs. I’ll use my favorite, Pimproll, as an example. My favorite site WankzVR is part of the Pimproll-Program with 65% Revenue Share! Up until now, they have always paid like clockwork.

You are greeted by a screen already promoting my favorite porn: Virtual Reality porn. Why? Because it sells like water in the desert Рif you reach the right people. Now just press to Sign-Up!